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Skagen is, in comparison with other manufacturers in our section „Time travel from part to part of the globe“ a relatively recent brand. Skagen watches have been around since 1989. In this year, the Danish newly married couple Charlotte und Henrik Jorst rides in the U.S. Your own company on a provisional basis. Their watches, which above all are characterized by an austere style, are replica watches presented a year later at a fair under the name of „Skagen Denmark“. In 1995 the brand manages to position itself definitively. After the inclusion of these Danish design replica watches in the assortment of the well-known New York department stores, the popularity of the Skagen brand rises like foam.

In 1999, just ten years after the creation of the company, Skagen belongs to the group of small businesses with the highest growth within the U.S.

In order to increase the degree of brand awareness in the European market, a delegation is opened in Denmark. Since 2000 Skagen watches are also marketed in Germany. In the same year, Skagen takes the renowned title "Blue Chip Enterprise Award" granted by the replica watches American Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, income in Germany increases considerably. In the first three years, Skagen multiplies revenue in Germany by ten.

Today, Danish-designed Skagen replica watches are practically marketed worldwide.

Skagen is by the way, a small coastal town located in the north of Dänemarks. There are the origins of the creators of the Skagen firm and also anchored the roots of the Danish austere design replica watches uk.